Welcome to Strfe Alpha!

Strfe makes it easy to create a profile, add gaming platforms and find new friends.

Note: This home page is very much a work in progress and will likely be completely changed after the Alpha.

What is Strfe?

Strfe is your online profile for gaming. Perhaps you've made a new friend whilst playing Overwatch, you want to keep in touch and give them your Discord username, well instead you could give them your Strfe profile. Not only will it be easier for your new friend to remember, but also they will easily be able to connect with you on all of the gaming platforms that you've added along with your social media accounts.

Ok, sounds cool, but I usually just play with my friends. Is Strfe still for me?

Yes, in the future we are going to be working on a Discord bot that can pull statistics for games from your connected Strfe platforms. Let's say you wanted to show your friend how well you're doing in Overwatch. Well simply run a command in Discord and the bot will automatically find your Strfe account then use your connected account to pull statistics from Overwatch. Now you won't have to open up Overbuff and take a screenshot.

How do I signup?

We're glad that you're so keen! Head over to the signup page to create an account and grab your custom Strfe URL (while stocks last, seriously, once a username is gone, it's gone).